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We are CV. Diyenes ArtIndo, a company engaged in the field of natural tourism service providers having its address at Pangalengan, Bandung Regency. This company began pioneered in 2009 but began to be ratified on 07 January 2012. Our company is engaged in the service of goods and services, the concentration of our main company is the Nature Tourism Services company vision and mission we have built together and are ready to implement business world. Every step, we will always apply the values that we have also developed together, namely:


  1. Honesty, Be honest with ourself and our clients.
  2. Equitable, Fairly applied to both the company and our client companies.
  3. Acountable, Responsible for the integrity of the company.
  4. Creative, Doing a job that has more value than other companies.
  5. Go Green, Having sensitivity to the environment, we are very concerned about the impacts on the environment that might occur after or when we do work.
  6. Submissive, Obey the norms of Religion, the virtue of courtesy and law.


Not only is our profit pursuing, but Client Satisfaction is a very important target for us, because we want to build sustainable relationships with our clients, and we believe only with sincerity and trust can this be achieved. That is a glimpse of us, we hope that with what we say above can give a little more information and make us closer and known to all clients, besides that we hope to be able to build more cooperation with all clients so that we can prove what we have said.

With these values, we have confidence that we will be able to be a trusted partner for our clients. With clients, we build a work team to produce satisfaction that fits the needs of our clients. We hear, understand, advise, and do our work seriously and are very concerned about input or constructive criticisms from our clients, so that we are expected to be able to satisfy all our clients.


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